The AMI Monetary Reform Description Also Describes Our BLOG principles

October 2, 2007

The Following is from the AMI Monetary Reform Conference brochure:

Dear Friends,

The American Monetary Institute is proud to announce its 3rd annual Monetary Reform Conference in Chicago. Our conferences have launched the modern grass roots movement for U.S. monetary reform and thereby World reform. Make your plans now to attend this important meeting in beautiful downtown Chicago. Our money system clearly needs a serious overhaul to secure economic justice and peace as we enter the 3rd Millennium. It’s evident that true reform, not palliatives, are necessary to  move humanity back from the brink of nuclear war; away from a World dominated by fraud, warfare and ugliness and toward a World of justice and beauty. The conference focuses on minimum initial steps to begin this process and put time on the side of humanity instead of against us. You may receive this announcement amidst very depressing news and events, but we urge you to avoid discouragement and instead join with us in this adventure to achieve positive results for America and the world.

A Different Kind of Monetary Conference

The situation in which knowledgeable monetary reformers find ourselves is that after years of studying monetary history and theory, we already know many if not most of the broad shapes that monetary reform should take. We know from experience that these views have stood the test of time and many challenges from those with less experience in the field or operating under misconceptions or pursuing non-reform agendas. Rather than merely arguing over these main themes, it is time for those of us who understand, to move forward to implement those elements that we know must be a part of good reform.

What are these broad national parameters supported by over 3000 years of history? That the control of money systems should shift away from private control toward governmental control. Away from commodity money notions; away from fractional reserve banking – monetizing private credits and loaning them into circulation at interest. Towards money issued interest free by government and spent into circulation for the common good. The system must be morally grounded in fairness.

Not seeking blind trust, we’ll continue educating and explaining why the proposals are beneficial and moral and continue to present the historical evidence demonstrating that. We’ll answer any serious challenges, and those arising from plain misunderstanding. We may invite selected spokesmen for differing reforms to succinctly present their case. But we’ll do it within a context of advancing the reform agenda, making necessary adjustments as we proceed. Dissenters obviously don’t have to join in the reform phase; but neither need we procrastinate, waiting for all to experience their monetary epiphanies, before moving forward. The direction of world events requires that we begin a solid program now.

Themes of the Conference

Therefore the AMI annual conferences focus on three broad areas:

The Monetary Reforms: The main focus of the conferences – Researchers will describe and make the case for the kind of monetary reforms advocated, presenting both the logical and historical basis for them, and the mechanics of implementing them. Extensive question and answer periods and panel discussions can air doubts or concerns regarding the desirability of the reforms and suggest refinements. Included will be discussions of research and thinking methodology. Two monetary reform acts will be analyzed including strategies for getting it supported.

Achieving the Reforms: Selected Political, Social and Monetary Activists will give the benefit of their experience in educating, raising public awareness, organizing and motivating people and governmental bodies to influence public policy decisions

Using the Reforms: Presentations on how a properly reconstituted money power within government will be effectively used to “promote the general welfare”. These will focus on several areas:

Infrastructure Programs including education and health, upgrading America’s crumbling infrastructure, including futuristic designs well within the reach of today’s technology and economy, to create hospitable, clean, cities of the future.

Farming Parity proposals for maintaining the existence of family controlled environmentally sound farming.

Educational proposals providing funding from sources other than middle-class property taxes.

Medical Care proposals which more effectively and fairly distribute the benefits of our medical technologies.

Each area identifies another constituency which will support monetary reform.

This conference is open to the public*, and to properly organize it the AMI requires a minimum donation of $295 per attendee; $465 (to include significant other). For early registrations postmarked by March 30 the minimum donation is $215. This includes substantial conference materials and aids, daily coffee breaks, a Get Acquainted Reception and a Celebration Dinner and beach barbecue. Hotel and travel costs are separate at group discounts. We say minimum donation because affluent attendees who want to help out with larger donations are strongly encouraged to do so. It enables us to extend attendance scholarships to students. Looking forward very much to seeing you and advancing monetary reform to the next level.

Stephen Zarlenga, Director, American MonetaryInstitute